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Controversy Unleashes: Fans Uncover Error in Shan Masood’s Dismissal No-Ball Review


During the Sydney Test match on January 3, fans raised concerns about an apparent error in the no-ball check during Shan Masood’s dismissal. The controversy erupted when observant viewers noticed discrepancies in the replay footage, raising concerns about the decision’s accuracy.

Masood Passes No-Ball Check Before Dismissal

Shan Masood survived an edge into the slip cordon four overs before being dismissed after a review revealed that Mitchell Marsh had overstepped. The incident was investigated by TV umpire Joel Wilson, who showed images of Marsh’s foot crossing the line during the delivery stride. During the initial no-ball check, Mohammad Rizwan was positioned in the background at the non-striker’s end.

Wilson decided to check for a possible front foot overstepping during the subsequent dismissal of Masood, where he edged to the slips off Marsh, leading to an easy catch by Steve Smith.

The replay footage showed a side-on view of Marsh’s delivery stride, which appeared to confirm that his foot was within the legal bounds this time. However, astute online fans noticed a significant difference.

Viewers pointed out that the replay Wilson was shown during his dismissal could not have been from the same ball that Masood was out on. Masood could be seen in the background during Marsh’s delivery stride for the dismissal, contradicting the earlier no-ball check in which Rizwan was present at the non-striker’s end. Masood appeared to be in two places at the same time, facing the ball and at the non-striker’s end.

Possibility of Unchecked No-Ball Raises Concerns

The implications of the contradictory footage suggest that Marsh’s front foot on the delivery that resulted in Masood’s dismissal was not properly scrutinized.

If this scenario is correct, Marsh’s front foot overstepping went unnoticed during the critical moment of Masood’s dismissal.

Despite the controversy, Pakistan managed to score 313 runs in Sydney on Day One. In response, Australia finished the day with six runs for no loss.

The controversy adds an unexpected layer to the ongoing Test match as the cricketing community digests the potential error in the no-ball check.

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