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Two-Test Series Between India and South Africa “A Travesty”: Ex-India Star Slams Short Contest


The two-match Test series between India and South Africa began on Tuesday. South African pace bowlers have dominated the match. With top batters like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma out, the going has been tough for India.

Apart from England and Australia, South Africa has always been a difficult opponent for India. In South Africa, the Indian cricket team has never won a Test series. This series is a chance to change that record.

Former India opener Aakash Chopra has slammed the two-match Test series between India and South Africa.

“Anything less than a three-match series does Test cricket a disservice.” All of the talk about protecting Test cricket and being its protector does not imply that we are doing what is required. We must walk the walk.

We are playing a two-test series because teams cannot play a series if they only play one match. “There must be at least two matches,” Aakash Chopra said on Jio Cinema.

“So it’s just like fulfilling that bare minimum and leaving.” You have five games against Australia and five against England. South Africa is the third most powerful team.

But we are doing a disservice to South Africa. By playing a two-match series, we are doing a disservice to Test cricket. If you believe that Test cricket is supreme, then give it the respect it deserves.”

He wrote on X, “In the WTC Cycle…every country must play 6 series.” The key operative word here is “series.” The minimum requirement for any engagement to be considered a series is to play two tests.

As a result, there are many 2-Test series (otherwise, many teams would be content to play one Test and move on), but having an India-SA Test series of only two games is a travesty.

Before you point your fingers at the BCCI, please keep in mind that India does not profit from this tour. The money belongs to SA.”

Aakash Chopra also discussed how batters find it difficult to bat in South African conditions.

“When you look at the stats of even the best players from different eras, such as Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara, their average while batting in South Africa has dropped significantly.” “South Africa is a difficult place to bat,” he says.

“The ball swings a lot in England, but you eventually adjust your game to it.” You will face extra bounce in Australia. Even here, you adjust after a while. South Africa is a hybrid of the two.

Consider England’s swing and Australia’s bounce. At any time of day, the wicket never becomes flat. Throughout the day, the bowlers get something from the pitch or the air. That’s why batting is so difficult there.”

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