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According to a report, Saudi Arabia wants the IPL’s owners to establish the “World’s Richest T20 League ” there

World's Richest T20 League

The most lucrative T20 competition in the world is still the Indian Premier competition (IPL) 2023. The IPL continues to be unmatched when compared to other T20 competitions throughout the world, whether it be in terms of the cash it entails, the participation of world-class players, or the presence on social media. The “world’s richest T20 league” may soon be established in Saudi Arabia, according to reports that the country has reportedly offered IPL owners the chance to do so. After making significant investments in sports like football and Formula 1, Saudi Arabia is now focusing on cricket.

Indian cricketers are currently prohibited from competing in foreign leagues by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The Saudi Arabian government’s suggestion that a new T20 league be established there, though, may cause the Indian board to reconsider its position.

The negotiations regarding the matter have reportedly been ongoing for about a year, according to an article in The Age. However, the league would need to be approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) before anything significant could happen. The interest of Saudi Arabia in cricket was recently reaffirmed by ICC chairman Greg Barclay.

I suppose cricket would be appealing to them if you consider the other sports they have participated in, he remarked. “Cricket would be a good sport for Saudi Arabia given their growth in general sports,”

Given their regional presence and their interest in investing in sports, Barclay continued, “cricket would seem like a pretty obvious one to explore.

According to the chairman of the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation, Prince Saud bin Mishal Al-Saud, “our goal is to make Saudi Arabia a global cricketing destination and create a sustainable industry for locals and expats living in the Kingdom.”

According to the report, a number of Saudi government and business representatives have been seen observing Indian cricket events and attempting to court IPL owners and the BCCI to participate in their proposed Twenty20 league, which would rival the IPL in terms of financial strength.

It is also rumored that preparations are afoot to hold the annual Asia Cup, the first game, or perhaps a round of the IPL in Saudi Arabia.

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