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IPL 2023: Rohit Sharma Discards “Rest” Bouncer, Highlighting Mumbai Indians Coach


Workload management is a significant factor in how well players accomplish. Many are concerned about the Indian players’ burden as the demanding two-month Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season gets underway on March 31—especially in light of the World Test Championship final matchup with Australia. When asked about taking a “rest” from the IPL during the season, Rohit Sharma, the skipper of both the Indian team and the Mumbai Indians, responded in the affirmative. His success highlighted head coach Mark Boucher in addition to saving him from harm.

Rohit was questioned about skipping a few games in an interview for Mumbai Indians prior to the commencement of the new season.

I believe Mark will respond to that, he said.

Do you want to rest? asked Boucher, the incoming MI head coach. “Hopefully, he (Rohit) gets into some good form and hopefully, he doesn’t want to rest,” was added after the statement “He is the captain.” Whatever the circumstance, we will adjust. I’ll give him some rest if it will help me get the greatest performance possible from him as a captain and player. No issues.

Earlier, Rohit had also mentioned the importance of getting enough sleep. After the bilateral series against Australia, before the Indian players joined their separate teams.

He said, “I advised them to take care of their health.

There is a lot of discussion about tasks and other related topics. T20 cricket has a good gap between games to type of rest and recover, and we can take care of every player if you look at our schedule. Workloads won’t be a significant problem for us during the IPL, according to Rohit.

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