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Nitu and Manisha enter the quarterfinals of the world boxing championship; Nikhat Zareen will soon fight

Nitu and Manisha enter the quarterfinals of the world boxing championship; Nikhat Zareen will soon fight

Indian boxers put up a commanding performance in the opening round of the Women’s World Championships on Tuesday in the nation’s capital, with victories by RSC (referee stops contest) for Nitu Ghanghas (48 kg) and Manisha Moun (57 kg).

In her round of 16 match, Commonwealth Games winner Nitu defeated Sumaiya Qosimova of Tajikistan in the first round, while bronze medalist Manisha defeated Nur Elif Turhan of Turkey in the third.

Nevertheless, Shashi Chopra (63 kg) was eliminated from the competition after losing against Mai Kito of Japan 0–4. In the competition, Nitu had won two RSC matches in a row.

Both boxers attempted to understand each other’s techniques, but then landed a series of four consecutive jabs that resulted in the opponent receiving her first standing count from the referee. Nitu continued to aggressively attack her opponent by pinning her in a corner and repeatedly striking her with straight jabs. The referee then gave Qosimova her second standing count before ultimately awarding the victory to Nitu, much to the disappointment of the defeated Tajikistan boxer who gestured her disapproval.

Meanwhile, Manisha, who had more experience, used a straight jab and a combination of punches to demonstrate her dominance. Despite being noticeably taller than her Turkish opponent, Manisha effectively utilized her height advantage and delivered a right and left hook followed by a straight jab.

After collecting two standing counts in the first three minutes, Turhan attempted to attack in the second round, but Manisha continued to land hooks and jabs rather fluidly.

She continued shifting to avoid the blows from her adversary. With barely a few seconds remaining before the final bell, Manisha landed a barrage of punches and hooks that caused the referee to stop the fight in favor of the home boxer.

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