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Before making any announcements regarding his availability for the IPL, advised for a 10-day recovery period: Shreyas Iyer

In preparation for the 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL) season, the Kolkata Knight Riders are now awaiting information regarding the fitness of their captain, Shreyas Iyer. Due to his health issues, it is currently questionable if Iyer will be able to take part. Iyer was instructed to rest and give his condition 10 days to subside after back spasms unexpectedly returned during the fourth Test against Australia in Ahmedabad. Initial scan findings were depressing, but Iyer has not yet been declared ineligible for the IPL. After returning to his homeland of Mumbai, he sought the advice of Abhay Nene, a specialist in spine issues from Bombay and Lilavati hospitals. Iyer was pulled from further play, as Cricbuzz reported on March 12th.

Sources claim that Dr. Abhay Nene, an expert in spine issues, has urged Shreyas Iyer to treat his back spasms with rest and physiotherapy. After 10 days, Iyer will return for an evaluation, at which time he might have a clearer idea of his short- and long-term destiny. As of right moment, Iyer’s condition has not received an official declaration from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He had been selected for the team for the three-match ODI series against Australia, but has since been removed, and a replacement has not yet been found.

The Kolkata Knight Riders have not appointed a replacement captain while they wait for more information on Iyer’s condition. Soon, the crew is anticipated to assemble in Kolkata.

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