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Nikhat Zareen Kicks Off Her Career With An Exhilarating Victory at the Women’s World Boxing Championships

Nikhat Zareen Kicks Off Her Career With An Exhilarating Victory at the Women's World BoxingChampionships

Ace Thursday’s opening round of the Women’s World Championships in New Delhi saw Indian boxer Nikhat Zareen defeat Anakhanim Ismayilova in a decisive RSC (referee stops contest) victory. Nikhat, a local favorite, won his match to kick off the competition, and the fighter did not disappoint. The gold medalist at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the 50kg division took her time to assess her opponent, but once she understood the Azerbaijani boxer’s strategy, she was unstoppable.

Despite being the current champion, Nikhat is unseeded. She was at her most aggressive as she landed a series of combo punches on her opponent.

The Indian was so dominant that the referee had to suspend the match in the second round after giving Ismayilova the “count” three times.

Nikhat commented on not being seeded, “That is not a concern. Draws have the drawback that any person can receive any seeding. It doesn’t matter, but I have a solid draw and will face challenging opponents as the championship progresses.” In the round of 32, Nikhat will go up against the top seed and champion of Africa in 2022, Roumaysa Boualam.

“I’ve never played against that boxer, despite knowing her. I’m glad that I was the one to start India’s first match, and perhaps I’ll be the one to finish it.” Sakshi (52 kg) defeated Martinez Maria Jose of Colombia in the opening round with a score of 5-0 unanimous decision to advance to the pre-quarterfinals.

Sakshi, who was making her debut, engaged in a quick fight with Jose in which she prevailed by jabbing.

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