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Nathan Lyon’s Major Prediction For The Test In Ahmedabad Is That “There’s Still A Result” Between India And Australia


Despite bowling 30 or so overs on the day and only picking up one wicket, Nathan Lyon believes his performance on Saturday during India’s first innings was far superior to his 11-wicket match total in Indore on a spinner-friendly surface. On a good batting surface, India concluded the third day with 289 for 3 in response to Australia’s 480. “The game requires greater patience. I felt like I bowled better today than I did in Indore when the pitch was like Indore. And all you have to do is stick to your fundamentals for a long enough time “explained Lyon. For him, decisions about tests like these are made in the last half hour, and things are currently going smoothly.

Where in the game are we? The veteran off-spinner added, “To be honest with you, I believe it’s quite even. We know in this part of the world, games can speed up quite quickly, so it’s about being patient for extended periods of time and not chasing the game.

The black soil appears to hold the surface better than the red soil in sub-continental settings.

I’ve discovered that the black soil around here tends to keep together far better than the red soil. There aren’t a lot of footmarks out there for spinners to strike.

“It might start to oscillate little more up and down. but even conversing with Starcy (Starc’s alias). Despite his best efforts, the ball simply seemed to be stopping in the wicket.”

With two days left in the contest, Lyon is optimistic that a conclusion will be reached.

“The day will be new tomorrow. On that wicket, we had (89 overs) today. Perhaps this game will still have a conclusion given the warmer conditions here. We simply need to bowl well in the morning to relieve the tension in their locker room “Observed Lyon.

The Australian team would do well to reflect carefully on their performance against Pakistan last season.

Yes, absolutely, Lyon replied.

“These are the kinds of Test games that are decided in the final 30 minutes of day five, and these are the games you want to see. The long, arduous work with the possibility of huge payoff. They present a challenge, but we’re all up for it, and the Test matches are played with a decent deal of grit and effort.”

Shubman Gill has already played two solid innings for Lyon against Australia. While Brisbane’s effort is still superior in terms of sheer size, 128 at Motera wouldn’t be far behind because it was a different kind of knock.

“To be honest, I thought Shubman played quite well. Although he had good defense, he also had a strong desire to score.

“The one I pulled him out of was probably a little flatter and a little faster than he was anticipating. So a good ball on my part, but I thought his strategy was really unique. He appeared to be extremely confident and at ease with the manner he was going about getting his second Test hundred. He is unquestionably a unique player.

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