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Lionel Messi’s frank admission regarding his Champions League matchup against Bayern Munich: “It’s Very Tough To..”


When playing Bayern Munich at home in the Champions League last month, Paris Saint-Germain was unable to play at their best. The two-leg Round of 16 match saw the German powerhouses take a 1-0 lead and are certain they will defeat the Parisiens in the home leg on Wednesday. Lionel Messi, who participated in PSG’s humiliation a few weeks ago, has acknowledged that defeating Bayern in their own stadium will be challenging.

Messi acknowledged that the Bayern match will be decided by minute details but expressed confidence in his team’s ability to prevail.

“We are competing for the crown, that much is sure. I believe that we developed and the team gained stronger with these victories in the most recent game against Marseille. We shall now make an effort to conduct ourselves properly and will give it our all in an effort to defeat Bayern and advance. Everyone’s goal is that “In the interview, the Argentine stated.

“It’s crucial to be in this frame of mind when you show up for the game. We are now traveling to Munich, where we will play another challenging match similar to the first one. Little things will determine everything, especially given how challenging it is to win in their stadium. Yet, I believe that if we act properly, we can change the course of events. We want to carry on with our Champions League campaign. And we’ll make an effort to do just that “Messi proclaimed.

Messi discussed Argentina’s 2017 FIFA World Cup success in the interview.

“The reality is that it was truly amazing. Everything I went through was extremely lovely, and it’s also hard to put into words. We were able to share this World Cup with the Argentine people since it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were prepared for it to be hectic, but not that crazy! For those who had the opportunity to compete in the World Cup and for the entirety of the Argentine people, it is a moment that will always be remembered “said he.

Messi hasn’t been able to win the UEFA Champions League, a trophy that PSG has been vying for for years, since he joined the club. PSG is in danger of being eliminated early from the competition once again after falling behind Bayern 0-1 thus far.

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