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After the ICC’s “Bad” rating of Indore Wicket, Madhya Pradesh Board President says, “Pitch Was Prepared Under…”

India lost by nine goals to Australia on Day 3 of the third Test, which developed into a nightmare for the home team. Several fingers were raised on the pitch following the game because the spinners had outperformed the kickers the entire time at Indore’s Holkar Stadium, which offered too many spins. The Third Test saw a total of 31 wickets fall over seven sessions, with the spinners taking 26 of them. The field was recently deemed “poor” by the ICC, who also docked them three penalty points. Nonetheless, the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) has started new controversies and brought attention to the BCCI’s on-field missteps on numerous times.

The two BCCI curators arrived in Indore more than a week before the game and took the field at the direction of the board and Indian team management, MPCA Chairman Abhilash Khandekar informed the Times of India.

Eight to ten days before the match, two BCCI curators arrived. They oversaw the preparation of the field. The pitch was not delivered by the MPCA. I want to be clear that, in international matches, the MPCA, like any other state board association, plays no part in determining the field. Along with the Indian team management, the BCCI curators arrive and receive instructions from the organization. To the Times of India, Khandekar spoke.

We’ve also seen contests like this in Nagpur and Delhi when it comes to games that are over in three days. There were complaints about the field, but if you watch the post-game conference, both captains defended the field, so there’s nothing more we can say about it.

Australia produced a spectacular recovery in the third Test in Indore, defeating India to close the gap at 1-2 after losing the first two Tests.

Additionally, it has been stated that it is unlikely that a “rank shifter” will be ready for Test 4 in Ahmedabad due to the “low” rating of the Indore site.

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