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Travis Head discusses his strategies for dealing with spinners in the Indore Test against Australia


Travis Head, who batted beautifully, albeit briefly, during the second Test in Delhi, believes he will continue to play aggressive cricket in the third Test in Indore. Speaking outside of the nets practice, Head also discussed waking up to the news that he had been benched from the opening Test. He acknowledged that when he arrived in India, he had not anticipated it, but he insisted that he still respected the coaching staff and the selectors’ choice.

In a media interview, Head commented on missing out on the Nagpur starting XI, saying, “It was something that I didn’t expect coming here.” “The discussions were lively. Everyone holds a distinct perspective. The coaching staff and selectors are people I respect and with whom I have a close relationship. Because there is mutual respect and we were given the opportunity to express our viewpoints, I believe that is what made the dialogues go as they did.”

The way he batted throughout the Test in Delhi gives Head encouragement. In the Delhi Test, he claimed there was a stretch where he played the spinners effectively. “Despite the fact that they are quite skilled bowlers, I was pretty happy with how I was moving forward and backward, watching length, and doing some of the things I’d practiced. Although it was a little sample, small sample pieces can contain modest amounts of gold here “explained him.

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