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“Fully fit” Chahar is prepared to return in the IPL in 2023


Deepak Chahar, an Indian fast bowler, claims he is totally fit and ready to make his comeback with the IPL, which begins March 31, after dealing with two “major” ailments last year.

Chahar, 30, has struggled to heal from two injuries—a quad grade 3 tear and a stress fracture—respectively. In the second ODI match between India and Bangladesh in Mirpur last December, where he only managed to bowl three overs, he last appeared for India.

Chahar was only able to play for India in 15 games in 2022 and was injured, keeping him out of the T20 World Cup. Chahar is currently getting ready for the IPL, where he will play for the Chennai Super Kings, after completing a lengthy rehabilitation program at the National Cricket Academy.

“I have worked diligently on my fitness for the past two to three months; I am fully fit and well-prepared for the IPL,” Chahar told PTI. “I was seriously hurt twice. One was a quad grade 3 tear, while the other had a stress fracture. They are both extremely serious wounds. You miss months of work. It takes time for anyone to recover from an injury, especially quick bowlers.

“If I were a hitter, I would be playing way back, but as a fast bowler, it is really difficult to get back on track when you have a stress fracture. There are other bowlers who are also having back problems.

In a first-class match against Services last month, Chahar made his comeback to competitive cricket, but that was his sole outing in the Ranji Trophy.

He has fallen in the Indian hierarchy due to numerous injuries, but he still hopes to play for his country in the ODI World Cup later this year.

“I’ve followed the same guideline my entire life. There is no stopping me if I am totally bowling and batting the way I want to. That was the fundamental guideline I used to launch my career.

“My goal is to get completely fit so that I can give it my all when I use the ball and bat, regardless of who is playing or not playing. I’ll get my opportunities if I do that.”

The inaugural Women’s Premier League (WPL), which will come before the men’s IPL, has Chahar giddy with anticipation.

“Men’s cricket was irrevocably revolutionised by the IPL, and many people had many opportunities. The Women’s Premier League will experience the same thing. Due to early career exposure to international players, women’s cricket will expand quickly. It will also benefit many female cricketers who have struggled to earn a living and increase competition.”

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