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Rahul Dravid Speaks Up About KL Rahul’s Struggles, “I Think He Has To…”


KL Rahul, the opening batsman for India, has gained notoriety, but not for the right reasons. Critics are piling up to question the team’s perseverance with Rahul as he continues to struggle with the bat. Rahul continues to have the support of captain Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid even as the outside clamor grows louder with each setback. The Karnataka batter needs to “believe his process,” according to Dravid, even though Rohit stated that he will continue to support “great batsmen.”

Rahul was referred to by Dravid as “one of the most successful overseas openers” by India in an interview with the broadcaster Star Sports that took place following the completion of the second Test in New Delhi.

“I believe he needs to have faith in his methods. He has been one of our most successful international openers, so this is simply a phase. He has hundreds of supporters in South Africa and England, and we will keep supporting him. He has the character and grace, in my opinion, to survive this. The most challenging aspect of working with this unit is maintaining formats. Nevertheless, there isn’t a lot of technical coaching; instead, it’s just straightforward chats, challenges, and pats on the back when they succeed “explained Dravid.

On the other hand, Rohit has advised Rahul to get his act together and learn how to play on fields like those in New Delhi.

Of course, finding a way to score runs is necessary while playing on pitches like this. Choose your own ways to score runs because this team is made up of different people who all have different ways of achieving it. We won’t focus too much on what one person is doing because the entire team is involved. And this series is significant to us as well, big one. That is what I think of KL Rahul.

Rahul’s decline in performance is anticipated to intensify the fight between him and Shubman Gill for the second opening place in the Indian Test team.

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