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Al-Nassr Midfielder Talks About Cristiano Ronaldo Becoming Club Captain as “A Little Strange”


Rumors and debates around Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Manchester United to the Saudi club Al-Nassr. There were rumors of dissension among the Al-Nassr players in the early days of the move surrounding Ronaldo becoming the club captain. However, his teammate, Uzbekistani midfielder Jaloliddin Masharipov, spoke candidly about the circumstances surrounding Ronaldo’s selection as captain and described the incident and the team’s reactions. He also made it obvious that the team’s choice to welcome the Portuguese superstar was an easy one.

If the other players are leading the team instead of Ronaldo, it would be a little odd. We planned it. Cristiano Ronaldo accepted the armband from our former captain without any issues. This, in my opinion, is the ideal answer. It just cannot be any other way, the midfielder for Uzbekistan told

Masharipov also mentioned handing Ronaldo his No. 7 shirt when he first joined the team.

“Many individuals propagated erroneous information regarding my departure from the squad when [Cristiano] Ronaldo joined. Will you give Cristiano the No. 7? was a common question I received before to his arrival. How can you refuse to do so? Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s him! Respect should always be shown for such players! Many people believed that I would leave the squad when I gave my number. I provided my phone number without incident. No one discussed leaving. My inclusion in the team was desired by the club and the coach alike.

“I am under contract with the group. Ronaldo was the sole reason I changed my phone number. One of the top two players in the world is this individual. There’s no need to continue talking,” he continued.

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