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After five months, I am happy and pleased to wear the Indian jersey: Ravindra Jadeja


After missing a significant amount of action owing to injury, India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja will play against Australia in the forthcoming Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

In an interview with, Jadeja discusses his decision to don the Indian jersey once more as well as his recovery from surgery.

“I am delighted and pleased to be able to don the Indian shirt once more after over five months. The fact that I was given another shot is a blessing, yet getting here involved many ups and downs. Since it is really irritating to not play cricket for five months, he stated, “I was certainly anxiously wanting to get healthy as soon as possible so that I may go play for India.

“I had a problem with my knee and I had to undergo surgery sooner or later,” he remarked while speaking about the rehabilitation process following surgery. But I had to choose whether to have it now or wait until after the World Cup. The surgeon also suggested that I get it done before the World Cup since, even if I didn’t, my chances of competing in the World Cup were already slim. I so decided to get the procedure.

Jadeja had to have knee surgery, which kept him out of action for the aforementioned 5 months, hence he was unable to play in the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia.

“However, the time following that was rather challenging since you had to consistently perform training and rehabilitation. You were considering your physical conditioning. When I watched the World Cup matches on television, I wished I could have been there. Speaking of the rehabilitation from surgery, he stated, “These little things help you recover more quickly.

“The NCA’s trainers and physiotherapists worked hard on my knee. They came and treated me particularly even on Sundays when the NCA was closed. Because I couldn’t leave the house and couldn’t walk properly for the first two months following the accident, it was very difficult. My family and friends were there to support me at that crucial moment. My confidence was also increased by the NCA trainers, Jadeja gushed, praising the NCA team.

“They (NCA trainers) used to encourage me to do it for the nation, not for myself if I complained I was in agony. The fact that they were taking my knee seriously and wanting me to be well as soon as possible so that I may return and play for the team inspired me, he said.

Since I hadn’t been outside in the sun for five months, I felt a little strange. I was doing both indoor and gym training, so as I entered the middle, I was unsure about my body’s ability to support me. The first day was quite difficult, and the heat in Chennai is well known. As soon as my body adjusted to the environment, I felt fantastic and decided that I could consider myself to be fit. Fortunately, that game went well, and I also took wickets; this greatly boosted my confidence, he remarked.

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