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Portugal deny report claiming Ronaldo threatened to Quit World Cup

Portugal deny report claiming Ronaldo threatened to quit World Cup

After learning he would not play against Switzerland in the World Cup last-16, Ronaldo reportedly told head coach Fernando Santos that he might leave Qatar. Ronaldo then calmed down and realized that his departure might hurt the squad.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Portugal Football Federation, which defended Ronaldo’s legacy and devotion to the team, refuted this version of events.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly threatened to quit the national team during a conversation with Fernando Santos, the head coach, according to news stories that were published on Thursday.

“The FPF clarifies that during his internship in Qatar, national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo never made a threat to quit the team.

“Cristiano Ronaldo establishes a singular track record every day in the service of the national team and the nation, which must be acknowledged and which attests to the undeniable level of commitment to the national team.

The national team, including the players, coaches, and FPF structure, is, as it has been since the beginning, fully committed and enthusiastic in creating what Portugal hopes will be its best-ever World Cup participation.

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