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In a tense win, Bangladesh accuse Kohli of fake fielding

During Bangladesh’s five-run loss to India on Wednesday, Nurul Hasan claimed that the on-field umpires missed an incident of “fake fielding” by Virat Kohli, which could have resulted in five crucial penalty runs for Bangladesh.

The incident took place in the seventh over of Bangladesh’s chase at Adelaide Oval when Litton Das hit the ball into the deep off-side field off Axar Patel.

Litton Das, bowling off Axar Patel, played the ball deep outside off-side for Bangladesh’s seventh over during the chase at Adelaide Oval. Standing at point, Kohli pretended to be timid as the ball passed him as Arshdeep Singh sent the throw in. Because the on-field umpires, Marais Erasmus and Chris Brown, did nothing, it remained unreported at the time.

Nurul mentioned the incident while talking to reporters after the game.

“We all saw that it was a wet ground,” Nurul said. “Eventually, when we talk about these things, there was also a fake throw. It could have been a five-run penalty. That also could have gone our way, but unfortunately, even that didn’t materialise.”

Kohli is accused of the following cricket law

Cricket’s Law 41.5, pertaining to unfair play, prohibits the “deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of [the] batter”, and if an incident is deemed to be a breach, the umpire can declare that particular delivery as dead ball, and award the batting side five runs.

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