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Real Madrid’s European Glory Is Deserved, According to Carlo Ancelotti and Dani Carvajal


Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal believes his team fully deserve their glittering Champions League record and dismissed Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez’s mention of unfairness.

Dani Carvajal, a defender for Real Madrid, criticised Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez’s suggestion that his side’s gleaming Champions League record was unfair and insisted that his team deserved it entirely. The current champions, Los Blancos, have won the European Cup a record 14 times and have raised the trophy five times in the previous nine years. When Madrid won La Decima, their 10th European Cup, in 2013–14, they broke an 11-season tournament drought. Right-back Carvajal cemented his place in the squad.

At a news conference on Monday, Xavi asserted that La Liga was a “fairer” league and that the strongest team did not always win the Champions League.

In a news conference on Tuesday, prior to his team’s match against Shakhtar Donetsk, Carvajal said, “I think that when you’ve won five of the last nine Champions Leagues, you can’t put that down to luck.”

“In a game of outcomes, the team with the most goals scored and the fewest goals allowed wins. We’ve excelled throughout the past few years. Talking about whether something is fair or not is weird.

“We had a fantastic La Liga season last year and some ups and downs in the Champions League, but we still managed to win the trophy.

“It seems to me that whenever Real Madrid wins the Champions League, this discussion about fairness and unfairness always arises. It is meritocracy when someone else wins.”

Madrid had an exciting journey to the championship, pulling off comebacks against PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City before defeating Liverpool.

In addition, its coach Carlo Ancelotti emphasised the significance of the Champions League to the capital club and claimed that success was not based on chance.

The coach claimed that although La Liga is significant, the Champions League is the most significant tournament in football.

“It means a lot to win. There are two distinct competitions; one has 38 games, while the other has much fewer.

“Small details may determine the outcome, but it’s not luck or bad luck. Talking about it obscures your issues and your opponent’s abilities.

Karim Benzema’s poor injury comeback against Osasuna on Sunday, when he missed a penalty and Madrid drew 1-1 and relinquished their first points of the La Liga season, was criticised by Ancelotti as well.

“There might be opinions when Karim is not able to play at his greatest level. It can happen; it’s pretty common in football. However, it doesn’t impact us,” stated Ancelotti.

The coach also stated that Dani Ceballos had a thigh issue but Luka Modric might make a comeback from injury. Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is currently sidelined with sciatica, therefore Andriy Lunin of Ukraine will face the visitors from his country.

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